Tips to move long distance on a budget

Smart and Simple: Moving Long Distance on a Tight Budget

You are planning to shift to a long distance for the first time. Crossing states or countries. The following days would be the hardest in your busy life. Sitting in your current place with a blank mind and paper, not knowing where to start. With this on the list, you may also want to save money and afford the best moving service or rent a truck, cutting down the cost as much as possible. This is where we, MoveCabbie moving services, come to your help. With a wide range of comprehensive moving services for long distances, we at MoveCabbie ensure that your relocation is done smoothly and securely at the most affordable prices. 

It usually costs approximately four to eight thousand dollars for a move. But what if some simple ideas could make your moving easy and cost-efficient? 


The lesser the load, the lower the moving cost. Instead of paying extra for some unwanted loads, sell off the unwanted things. Money saved and extra room for other things. Buying new things is far cheaper than having them moved. Try to sell off as much as you can. For that, we need a checklist. Make a checklist of your important utilities. Make sure they are the only needed things, such as: 

  • Documents  
  • Family photos,  
  • Personal diaries, journals, or gifts. 
  • Books 

And more. Double-check your packing box, and we are good to go. This saves a big chunk of your budget. 

Truck renting 

You can save most of the money in this one simple task. An average move by hiring a full-service moving company would cost up to 4000 to 9000 dollars. Save 2000 to 3000 dollars on moving just by sorting out your things on your own. The average rent to move long distance comes to around 1200 to 1600 dollars. 

This should be the priority in your schedule. The important tip to note is NOT to go for the first company you see. Ask around, research, and compare to the core. Because at the end of the day, it’s your money that is being utilised.

Find the right moving company

Employing a professional moving company will result in a less stressful and more efficient relocation. But you’ll wind up paying out a substantial amount of money.  We recommend opting for some of the most affordable moving firms for budget-conscious customers. Choosing a company based on reviews or a quick internet search can be simple and helpful. Although, It is possible to reduce costs without compromising quality.  Check out the wide range of services offered by MoveCabbie if you want the best services at the lowest prices. At MoveCabbie, we offer both local and residential moving services. True Stress-Free Moving is Offered by MoveCabbie Ottawa Movers. 

 Compare Multiple Moving Quotes

If you’ve decided to employ professionals to help with your cross-country move, getting quotations from different moving firms is necessary. Comparing moving companies is the greatest way to ensure that you get the best services at the best price. The costs of moving companies vary based on the number of items that need to be moved, so it is important that you do your research before hiring movers.

Check for the right time to move  

Consider the season, weather conditions, availability of offers from moving companies, and your schedule to plan the packing and moving accordingly. This is a money-saving and time-saving way to do things. Because weather conditions can be a major hindrance to moving or traveling to places. Summer and fall are the best seasons for traveling long distances with smooth travel.  


Long-distance moving is a serious task requiring time, effort, care and money. And the company that you are going to must be a ready field ready to face any kind of situation. The vehicles should be in top condition, with strong tools, and healthy and fit staff with prior experience in the service. There should be maximum care given to safety measures because safety comes first. 

Everybody needs some help in difficult moving situations. A trustworthy company to rely on is all that you need. Reach for us, and we would be glad to help you out with everything regarding your move.

Happy moving!

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