The Benefits of Hiring MoveCabbie for High-Value Item Moves

Are you planning to shift your house? If so, you must be facing issues with packing and transferring things from one place to another. There is no doubt that moving is a big and tiring task. 

At the same time, when you have exotic and high-value items to be packed, extra care is needed to ensure there is no damage or breakage on the way. And that is why new inventions are being invented for people to simplify their complex lifestyles.  

It can be a short-distance move with a zillion of your things to load and unload, a long-distance move with a small box of your items, or driving with a dog or kids – however, it is. Moving is a serious task and needs proper planning and expertise. 

And we, from MoveCabbie, have the best ideas on how to go about this. We are your neighborhood pal here to help you move your precious cargo. 

Moving  Service

And before you even think about handling it alone, run this simulation in your mind.  

  • Pre-planning,  
  • packing and organizing,  
  • cleaning,  
  • loading,  
  • moving,  
  • unloading, and  
  • rearranging everything in the new place. 

All this while dealing with family, jobs, and pets. Have a seat, people. 

MoveCabbie is here for the rescue. All you have to do is contact us, and we will take everything else per your needs.  

Fragile moves 

Till now, all we have ever talked about was moving in general. Well, Moving is shifting things from one place to the other. But what if the items were fragile? You don’t want your precious gifts thrown into a box and tossed into a truck.  

You would have gifts or things from your childhood, wedding, anniversary moments, and much more. These delicate items must be wrapped in bubble wrap and placed into a labeled box with soft materials like Styrofoam or paper balls.  

These boxes need to be appropriately placed for the move. Packing a single item and seeing pieces of two does not sound safe or anything ok.  

To help you ease this problem, you have us, MoveCabbie, for your service. And here are some insights as to why you can choose us. 

Why MoveCabbie 

We are known for our best moving services here in Ottawa, Canada. At MoveCabbie, we offer the utmost care in your move. We understand the importance of unique gifts and souvenirs. And it is assured that we take our work seriously.  

Fragile items are not to be messed with, and we see that packing these delicate things becomes our top priority. We provide, 

  • Strong and thick boxes 
  • Boxes in various sizes to suit your requirement 
  • Bubble wraps and plastic wraps 
  • Soft materials like Styrofoam to cushion the item 
  • Skilled staff to pack everything properly 
  • Trained drivers and movers with high-quality equipment to handle your things with extra care  

 To avail of this, all you need to do is contact us, MoveCabbie, and rest assured. 

The benefits of hiring us are the safety of your transportation, the protection of your things, and your satisfied smile.


Moving ordinary things are hard. The fragile items are even worse. The expenses that it requires just to shift it to another safe place would be double or triple the cost of the item or not, but the truth is told, they do need that kind of care.  

You will start by segregating the items, wrapping every piece with bubble wrap, boxing them accordingly, labeling and loading it onto the truck, fear of bumping or impaired driving, and unloading and rearranging them. 

So why go out on your way to spend more and do less when you can afford the utmost care for your priceless gifts with us at MoveCabbie?  

MoveCabbie, your neighborhood best friend, is here to take care of all your worries and turn them into happy memories. 

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