How to Properly Pack Kitchen Supplies for a Move

Pack Like a Pro: The Ultimate Guide to Moving Kitchen Supplies

Anyone who has ever moved homes knows that packing the kitchen takes an unexpected time. In addition to the variety of specific items to take out of cabinets and drawers, this room has a high difficulty level due to the abundance of breakable and irregularly shaped objects.

The kitchen is likely the most difficult to pack when relocating your household to a new home. A kitchen has more items of all shapes and sizes than any other room in the house because of all the little utensils, drawers, appliances, pans, pots, and cupboards, not to mention the food.

Our expert advice will help you expedite the packing procedure and approach it with a strategy that allows your home to continue operating as long as feasible before move day.

Organise yourself

How much time do you spend in the cabinets and drawers in your kitchen? Some items may be around for over a year without being utilised. Good-condition kitchenware can be given to friends and family or to a thrift store run by a charitable organisation.

Assemble your supplies

You’ll need sturdy boxes in various sizes to pack a kitchen. You might also want to invest in specialized dividers so that you can make things simpler for yourself. Pick up some plastic wrap as well; it helps to keep things piled together and keeps them from drifting.

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How to Pack Efficiently for a Move

Gather Packing Supplies

Having all the boxes and packing materials, you’ll need on hand is preferable to ensure a speedy and efficient packing operation. Fill up any gaps surrounding items in boxes with more newspaper; unprinted newsprint is preferred since it won’t discolor the contents.

Determine the necessities you’ll require.

Honestly, your full kitchen cannot be packed and sent until the day you depart. You must set away some items so you can eat until the very last day. Your family will require a plate, a cup, and a cutlery set for each member. A dish towel, dish soap, sponge, and other kitchen necessities should also be left behind. On the day you depart, you can pack each individually in a box labeled “kitchen necessities.”

Be a little more cautious while handling stemware and delicate things.

Prepare your delicate stemware to get a bit of extra. You may sandwich them between cardboard dividers in addition to meticulously wrapping each one individually. Your moving boxes will have dividers that slip inside to prevent the rows from touching one another. Just cram as much paper as you can into them firmly and label it as delicate.

Transferring perishable food

Before moving day, buying fewer groceries is crucial to saving waste. Your mover won’t transport perishable groceries due to health and safety issues. Bring any extra food you need to prepare meals in your new home immediately.


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