How To Move Office in Ottawa | The Ultimate Office Moving Checklist

Moving your office from one location to another in Ottawa, Canada, can be a tough task. You will need to take care of many things involving the moving process. Breaking everything down into simple, bite-sized tasks before you begin moving is the best way to succeed at an office move. So, here is a list of a few important points that you shouldn’t miss adding to your  office moving checklist:

Here’s A Quick Checklist On How To Move Office in Ottawa

1)   Plan Early

Start planning at least six months before the move. Ensure to consider the following:

  • Create the list of required logistics.
  • Keep all the important documents, notes, to-do lists and other items in one place. These may include agreements, contracts, insurance records etc.
  • Ensure to review your current office’s lease carefully. It will let you know whether you need to pay for any property damages before returning the keys to the building’s owner.

2)   Tell Employees About The Move

Announce the move to employees, including the important information they must know. Such as:

  • Name, address, shifting date, the reason for the move and key features of the new office.
  • Things employees are expected to do throughout the moving timeline.
  • What future information regarding the move will they receive.
  • Ask for employees’ feedback and suggestions on equipment needs, seating arrangements, work style preferences, etc., for the new office. You can set a meeting on a different date or time later the day of the announcement to discuss all move-related purchases with employees.

3)   Create A Budget

Call a meeting with upper management to create a budget that covers all shifting-related expenses. It must also include the purchase of new equipment, supplies, and furniture, recommended by the employees. List all the items that you are taking and leaving behind depending on your new office location. It will help cut down any unnecessary expenditures from the budget. Consider the new location’s layout, designs, and features while creating the list. Get in touch with the team in charge of reviewing and approving the purchases.

4)   Set A Realistic Timeline For The Office Move

Create an overview of the month-to-month moving process for your office. Discussing the timeline with team members will help consider all the aspects of preparing for small to big moves. You don’t need to jot down every little detail but ensure to include important ones. Keep the moving expectations as realistic as possible.

5)   Layout A Floor Plan For The New Office

Determine where you will place office furniture and equipment. Make a layout for employees’ seating arrangements and common areas. Learn about the positioning of power sockets and ethernet connections to set up the tech equipment at the right spots. Creating a floor plan also helps in identifying any potential problem that may occur during shifting. Thus, your team members can work on the issues beforehand instead of stressing during shifting.

6)   Hire A Reliable Office Moving Company

Outsourcing help from a moving company to shift your entire office to a new location can be very helpful. It will save you time and stress and make the process hassle-free. Find a company specializing in this kind of transport with robust experience, supplies, and needed tools. One of the trustable moving companies in Ottawa, Canada is Movecabbie. The company makes the moving process painless and provides professional recommendations on how to move office in Ottawa and related useful procedures.

7)   Get All The Essential Supplies

Collect the right-sized moving carton boxes, labels, tapes, furniture pads, tap guns, markers, packing paper, bubble wraps, and other supplies. Start packing items that are currently not in use as early as possible. Thus, it will cut the additional packing time. Ensure to make every box with the respective employee’s name. You can also provide a color code to mark where particular cartons will go in the new office. Ensure to label new office departments with corresponding color codes to avoid confusion.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long it takes to move an office to a new location?

The planning should be started as early as 6 months before the actual moving date. However, shifting offices can take between a few hours to a few days depending on the distance and number of moving items.

  1. Should you book the office moving company in advance?

It is recommended to book a moving company in advance to avoid any rush at the last moment and unavailability of service on the moving date.

Final words

The items mentioned in this office moving checklist are those that are most necessary when it comes to relocating to a new office space. Ensure to follow the suggestions to have hassle-free office shifting.

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