Should I Move Myself or Hire a Mover

Should I Move Myself or Hire a Mover

There are several options to consider when moving. Moving yourself vs. hiring movers is a common debate when it comes to relocation. Whether you are looking to move to a new house or apartment, there are pros and cons to both.  You’ll also need to decide whether is it worth it to hire movers. Fortunately, we’re here to assist you in figuring that out.

If you choose to move yourself, you will have complete control over the entire process. Hiring movers can be more expensive but a lot less stressful. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide which option best meet your needs and budget.

Examine Both the Advantages and Disadvantages of Both Moving Yourself and Hiring Movers Before Making your Choice:

Pros of Moving Yourself

Your action is completely under your control. You can choose to rent a truck, borrow a friend’s truck, or just borrow a few extra hands to help you move. This drastically reduces the cost of the move and makes it much more feasible.

Moving yourself gives you more control over the details of your move. You get to decide what items you take and what items you leave behind. You also get to decide the order of your move, when you start and when you finish.

You don’t have to worry about packing your possessions precisely when getting ready for a DIY relocation. When the movers arrive, they’ll want your boxes sealed and prepared.

However, if you move yourself, you can often be much more flexible about the timing of the move. You don’t have to wait for a professional moving company to be available and on schedule. You can plan your own schedule and move when it is most convenient for you.

Cons of Moving Yourself

Cons of moving yourself are the physical strain it can put on your body. Without the help of professional movers, you risk hurting yourself. Packing and loading heavy boxes and furniture can be taxing, and if you’re not used to this kind of physical exertion, you could end up with sore muscles and stiff joints. You also run the risk of injuring yourself if you don’t use proper lifting techniques.

Lifting couches and beds downstairs could mark or harm the walls if you or your buddies are novice movers.

Moving yourself can be a time-consuming endeavor. You will need to rent a truck and pack everything up yourself. This can take days or even weeks depending on how much you have to move. Although you may save money by moving yourself, you will need to factor in the cost of renting a truck, buying packing materials, and purchasing insurance.

When to hire movers?

Take your schedule into account. If you don’t have much time, using a professional moving company might relieve tension and free you up to deal with other moving-related tasks like setting up utilities or Wi-Fi.

If you’ve budgeted for moving, keep in mind that firms could quickly fill up during peak seasons like the spring and summer. It’s a good idea to make a reservation at least a month prior, especially if you don’t want to lift any large boxes by yourself.

Crossing state lines to move? If you’re relocating a long distance, it can be more convenient to meet your boxes there rather than driving a U-Haul for many days.

The fact that moving companies frequently keep extra supplies like tape and bubble wrap on hand in case you need them last minute to fasten any boxes or pad your belongings is another benefit of utilizing them.


Now here you know the importance of hiring movers. If you’ve chosen to enlist the aid of professional movers for all or part of your move, Movecabbie got you covered. Our vast network of trustworthy and dependable movers can handle all the hard lifting and pack and move your home. You may also be confident that we will take good care of your possessions because we are certified and bonded.

Still having some doubts about hiring movers. To assist you in deciding whether it is, we have put together a list of questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What you will do after hiring professional movers?

Nothing you require when hiring professional movers. You can engage them to assist with the duties you believe you cannot complete. Therefore, engage them if you only need assistance moving, lifting, and reassembling furniture. However, enlist their assistance if packing all of your possessions feels daunting. You could have a few possessions you’re unsure how to pack. Professional movers might pack your wine collection or a rare piece of art.

Are movers worth the cost?

Yes, hiring movers is often worthwhile when you have a lot of possessions. This is particularly valid if you’re about to move a great distance.

Do you own the necessary supplies if move by yourself?

Packing tape and boxes are necessary. Additionally, extra materials like dollies, moving blankets, and ratchet straps are frequently needed during moves. You’ll need to rent or buy them if you don’t have them. Additionally, you’ll need assistance on moving day.

All of it is taken care of when you employ professional movers. They’ll provide the moving goods, vehicles, workers, packing materials, and boxes.

How much time it will take to move to your different place?

Take into account the time you’ll need to move out of your existing house and into your new one. Do you have specific due dates for either one? If so, it could be more sensible to engage expert movers. Not only can they complete the task for you, but they can do so more quickly and effectively. Additionally, they’ll do it by the appointed time.

Perhaps you have the time to pack your boxes, but you want assistance to help you out in packing and move to your new residence and utilize them to save time as required.

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