List of neighborhoods in Ottawa

Get to know Ottawa’s neighborhoods: A Local’s Perspective

Looking for a neighbourhood in Ottawa that’s perfect for you? Check out our list of the city’s most popular neighbourhoods, with information on demographics, attractions, and more! So whether you’re new to Ottawa or want to know more about its neighbourhoods, check out our blog.

  1. Kanata

Kanata is a great place to live, work, and play. It’s home to many well-known businesses and attractions, such as The Canadian Tire Centre, where the Ottawa Senators play, Centrum Shopping Mall, and many parks. Additionally, Kanata North contains the neighbourhoods of Beaverbrook, Village Green, Kanata Lakes (which was determined to be our choice for the best place to live in Ottawa), Morgan’s Grant., and Katimavik, which is one of Canada’s largest outdoor recreation centres with more than 100 km² of trails that wind through nature reserves.

  1. Ottawa West

This area of Ottawa west may appear central on the map, but it is not. Before amalgamation, this was the western border of the city of Ottawa. This area also includes some trendy neighbourhoods, such as Westboro and Central Park. There are also some more affordable neighbourhoods, such as the areas near Bayshore Shopping Centre and Pinecrest (where Ikea is located.)

  1. Nepean

Nepean is a small town located just west of the center of Ottawa. It’s home to Algonquin College, Centrepointe Theatre, and the Nepean Sportsplex. As you can see, it has a lot to offer residents and visitors alike. If you’re ever in the area, we recommend you check out all these attractions!

  1. Barrhaven

Barrhaven is a rapidly growing community in the south of Ottawa that offers everything you need, including easy access to downtown. The Barrhaven Light Rail Transit system provides fast and convenient transportation for residents and businesses. Everything you need is within walking distance – from grocery stores to entertainment options.

  1. Ottawa west center town

There are many beautiful neighbourhoods in the center of Ottawa, and each has its unique ethnic community. Each community has its attractions and treasures, making it a great place to live or visit. 

Chinatown is home to popular shops and exotic food options, while Island Park offers homeowners access to wonderful parks and gardens. Whether you’re looking for an ethnically diverse neighbourhood rich with history or something more modern and stylish, you’ll find it in central Ottawa!

  1. Ottawa South

The beautiful Rideau River borders Ottawa South on the north and west. This neighbourhood has many well-established homes and communities, including Chelsea Heights to the south, Kanata North to the east, Stittsville to the northeast, and Barrhaven to the northwest.

  1. Ottawa Central

Central Ottawa is loaded with culture. The parliament buildings are here, along with many government offices. The Byward market is bustling both by day and night. There’s always something happening in Central Ottawa, so there’s never a dull moment when you’re here!

  1. Ottawa East

Ottawa East is a neighbourhood located just east of downtown Ottawa. It has an incredible charm, with its small streets and quaint neighbourhoods. There are also plenty of luxurious homes in Rockliffe Park and fantastic Charm in New Edinburgh. Other areas of Ottawa East have affordable housing options for those on a budget.

  1. Orleans

Orleans is a beautiful city, and its neighbourhoods are no exception. Many amazing francophone communities exist in Orleans, including Orleans Chapel Hill and Orleans Village-Chateauneuf. These neighbourhoods boast a large Francophone population, which makes them rich in culture and history.

Moreover, these neighbourhoods offer residents great amenities – from excellent schools to lovely parks. If you’re looking for an affordable neighbourhood with plenty to see and do, be sure to check out either of these two neighbourhoods!

  1. Rural Ottawa East

A few neighbourhoods on the easternmost border of Ottawa are perfect for those looking for affordable and scenic homes. The communities here have plenty of open space and access to trails, lakes, and rivers. Plus, many homes here are situated close to amenities (like schools and shopping), making them convenient for residents. 

  1. Rural Ottawa West

These neighbourhoods are all located within a short drive of each other, making up the heart of Ottawa’s Italian community. Each has a unique character and attractions, making it a great place to live, work, and raise a family. There are also plenty of things to do in the surrounding area – including shopping at nearby boutiques and malls, touring Ottawa’s many historical sites, or enjoying some delicious food options.

  1. Rural Ottawa South

There are many beautiful neighbourhoods just south of Ottawa, each with unique advantages. If you’re looking for a rural neighbourhood close to the city, check out South Carleton. This area has some affordable homes within short driving distance of downtown Ottawa. Alternatively, if you’re interested in something more luxurious, look at Rockcliffe or Killaloe-Kilbride-Markham. Both neighbourhoods have stunning estates available for purchase that would make any homeowner jealous!


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