Labour Only Prices

Hire A Labour Ottawa

Hire A Labour Ottawa is a subsidiary of MoveCabbie that provide Labour moving services for customers in Greater Ottawa Area who will be renting their own truck, trailer, shipping container, portable storage, etc, to move their home or business and require the muscle and expertise of our Moving Labour Specialists to move their belongings. By doing this you can save  30-60% off your bill compared to hiring full service movers. Our Moving Labour Specialists will help you save time, money, and your back!

When you book Hire A Labour Ottawa crew of MoveCabbie in Greater Ottawa Area, the movers rely on the customer to provide moving blankets, dollies, and straps.

Our Crew will bring floor runners and tapes.

 Rates for Hire A Labour Crew

Crew Size: 2 Movers  at $75/Hr with 3 Hours Minimum ( Ideal for 8-12′ Truck Size)

Crew Size: 3 Movers at $100/Hr with 4 Hours Minimum ( Ideal for 16′- 19′ Truck Size)

Crew Size: 3 Movers at $100/Hr with 5 Hours Minimum ( Ideal for 24′ Truck Size)

You could Choose the hourly rate above or Book our services according to the size of Rental Truck/Trailer

Please add half hour of travel on top of the hourly rate for our crew to get to your location and after the finishing the job to get back to the office.

We would love to hear from you. Please provide your feedback!

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